Calathea Orbifolia Root Bulbs Overview

Calathea orbifolia is a plant that needs a lot of moisture for good growth. For this purpose, it got a big root system. In some cases, its roots form a set of nodules known as root bulbs; they are not dangerous or a sign of any disease. Calathea orbifolia root bulbs act as a point of source for the growth of new roots. Actually, if you are taking good care of Calathea orbifolia then you can encounter this scenario.

Then swollen nodules are root rhizomes, from which the new roots grow. Rhizomes are actually underground parts of the plant from which new shoots and root systems came into life. Mostly these rhizomes led to the growth of radial roots. Radial roots are root system that grows in the horizontal direction.

In this image Calathea orbifolia leaves are shown from a side view.
Calathea Orbifolia

Calathea Orbifolia Root Bulbs Rhizomes

Calathea orbifolia rhizomes can lead to the growth of new leaves. Each separate rhizome can produce a single leave. If you are wondering why rhizomes came into being in the first place, then you need to understand these are the places for the storage of starch and proteins. Rhizomes indicate your plant is healthy.

It is common for plant owners to experience problems with Calathea orbifolia movements, it happens when their plant is not healthy. But Calathea orbifolia rhizomes are a clear indication that your plant is healthy and safe from problems.

You will encounter this scenario when you are repotting your plant. So, don’t panic in this situation; just follow the repotting procedure for your Calathea orbifolia and take good care of your plant.

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