Calathea Orbifolia Common Name And Binomial Nomenclature


Knowing Calathea orbifolia common name and nomenclature is important. It allows you to take better care of your plant. People try to decorate their houses with different things, but nothing comes close to the beauty of natural plants.

It is crucial that you are aware of plants, so you can search and take good care of Calathea orbifolia. For this purpose, we are going to discuss Calathea orbifolia common name and its scientific classification.

Calathea Orbifolia Common Name

Many people are fascinated by the dance-like movements of this plant, and it’s the main reason that Calathea orbifolia common name is the prayer plant. But when it comes to its nomenclature and scientific classification, many people are unaware of it. So, we have devised a basic guide for you to understand.

Calathea Orbifolia Common Name and Scientific Classification
Calathea Orbifolia Scientific Features

Calathea Orbifolia Scientific Classification

It is a common scientific approach to classify a plant with respect to its features and characteristics. It allows people to understand and identify their plants; the same is for Calathea orbifolia. Calathea orbifolia scientific classification is given in the table:

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There are three domains in science Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya when it comes to the classification of life. Calathea orbifolia is a plant, and it belongs to the Eukarya domain. In past times, there was no concept of domain in scientific classification, but now it is top notch of classification. Where in the five-kingdom system it belongs to the Plantae kingdom.

In classification at the phylum level, it is a vascular plant, which means it has vascular tissues, and it is the reason it is classified in Tracheophytes. As a vascular plant, it falls in the Liliopsida class because it is a monocot. At the order level, it belongs to the order Zingiberales; in this order, it is part of the Marantaceae family. Its Genus is Goeppertia and its specie scientific name is Goeppertia orbifolia, but it is also known as Calathea orbifolia.

It is good to be aware of your plant’s scientific naming. If you experience a problem with Calathea orbifolia dance movements, leaves, or roots you can search a direct query and find a relative solution.

It is research and study of centuries which fruits we are having now. Scientific naming is a gem for the identification of plants. The coming era holds great prospects for gardening and farming because these are two niches where name specification will take a great role. It is a need time that people are aware of their green environment. We are in mid of a green revolution and what role we can play directly relates to how well we are aware of the green.

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