Is Calathea Orbifolia Safe for Cats?


A lot of people like to have pets and plants. It is common for anyone who has plant and pets to get worried because most people are not aware of how one plant will affect their pets. There are a lot of plants that are toxic to pets but safe for humans like tomato plant is toxic for dogs but safe for humans until we consume a large amount of it. But as far the question of Calathea orbifolia being poisonous for cats is concerned, you can get comfortable knowing that Calathea orbifolia is safe for cats.

If you have a cat and Calathea orbifolia you need to be a little more attentive to both needs. Because Calathea orbifolia care with pets is a little difficult if you are not aware of plant needs.

Calathea Orbifolia Is Safe For Cats

Different plants have different effects on cats. Like lilies are responsible for kidney failure and pancreas failure in cats. Sago palms are responsible for gastrointestinal issues, liver damage, and nervous orders because of a chemical known as Cycasin.

Dieffenbachia plant also known as Dumb Cane is a plant that contains calcium oxalate crystals that damage the oral and digestive tract of cats. Many other plants other than these are toxic for cats. But the case of Calathea orbifolia is different, its leaves don’t contain any such compound which is toxic for your pet.

In this image a cat is shown beside a plant name Calathea orbifolia. It is metaphorical representation of this fact that Calathea orbifolia is safe for cats.
Calathea Orbifolia and Cats

Cats like to hide and play with these plant leaves because they are quite comfortable and a good place to be around. You can consider it like a shade for cats. More than this Calathea orbifolia are good air purifying plants so you can say they also keep your plant healthy.

You can say that Calathea orbifolia nyctinasty movement, comforting leaves, and good size are all great attractions for your cat. It is the reason cats love to hide behind them and play with them. More than this its leaves are also soft and massage machines for pets. So, if you have a cat and this plant is at home don’t worry Calathea orbifolia is safe for your pet.

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