General Overview of Calathea Ornata


Calathea ornata is a plant from the Marantaceae family. It is mostly kept in houses for its pink leaves and ornamental beauty. The beauty of Calathea ornata foliage is a source of pleasure for the owner when you know how to take good care of it. If you are a person who likes to keep plants or gardening is your hobby then this plant is just another flower in your garden.

In the current time information is the key, knowing what you are dealing with keeps you aware, safe, and in profit. It is better if you are aware of the evolution of plants if you want to take care of them because this information can be a great asset for you in this field. Because how long it took plants to create life on earth is a such fascinating thing to which all of us are connected. When you know more about something you are better able to take care of it because of establishing a connection. We are going to discuss it with a general overview of Calathea ornata

Calathea ornata is a tropical plant that requires a high level of humidity to propagate. It will be better if you have a look at the guide for Calathea ornata growth and propagation if you are new and you don’t have any idea how to take good care of it?

Calathea ornata is also famous for its day and night nyctinasty movements.

Calathea ornata is a close relative of the Stromanthe, Ctenanthe, and Maranta plants. It is mostly reproduced by grafting in close environments.

Calathea Ornata Origin and Evolution

According to current research, it is found that plants evolved from an aquatic green alga protist around 500 million years ago in the Cambrian period. The fossil evidence of plants that were present in the land, and their age dates go back to the Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era, which is around 485 million to 443 million years ago. However, the research method known as “molecular clock” results says that plants started to populate land environments about 500 million years ago in mid of the Cambrian Era.

In this image Calathea ornata plant is shown.
Calathea Ornata

Whereas far evolution of Calathea ornata is concerned, it happened down the line when the earth’s environment started to change after the 4th mass extinction, and Liliopsida plants started to emerge around 125 million years to 113 million years ago. The fascinating thing about Evolution is that it happens according to the need of the environment. When the moisture content of the environment started to increase, plants started to adjust themselves according to the environment, and in the tropical area, Calathea ornata emerged down the line.

There is no exact way or method that can elaborate on how a specific specie of plant emerge in a historical timeline.

Calathea Ornata Natural Habitat

Every plant requires some environmental conditions to grow and propagate, if you want to know them, you can do it by having a good observation of their natural habitat. Calathea ornata natural environment is tropical areas. They are mostly found in tropical forests of South America specifically Colombia and Venezuela, Central America, and also on a small group of Caribbean Sea islands known as the Antilles.

Calathea Ornata Day and Night Movements

Calathea ornata is famous for the day and night movements of its leaves. It basically opens its leaves during the daytime and closes them at night; due to these movements, it is known prayer plant. Calathea ornata movements look similar to praying movements of people, and it is the main reason it is called a prayer plant. There are many things and processes behind this phenomenon, but it is a fascinating feature of this plant.

Calathea Ornata Growth and Its Requirements

If you want to grow Calathea ornata inside your house building, then you just need to make sure that the environment remains optimum for plant growth. Other than this, as far as its growth is concerned, it can grow up to the height of 1 to 3 meters. But inside the house most likely the size won’t exceed 1 meter.

Calathea Ornata

As far as Calathea ornata growth rate is concerned, it can grow to a height of 0.6 meters in a year.

Calathea Ornata Purifies Air

Calathea ornata is a tropical plant with a good capacity to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, in simple words it can clean air for you. Those people who kept it at home experience a better quality of air. If you have respiratory problems or dry skin issues due to dry air, then this plant can be a blessing because the good moisture content in the air leads to better air quality. Indirectly Calathea ornata keeps a clean and healthy environment at home.

Calathea Ornata Growth Rate

All plants have different needs and growth environments. Calathea ornata in their natural environment can grow up to a height of 3 meters but inside the houses, it reaches up to a height of 1m. Calathea ornata growth rate and leaves foliage to depend on how good is their environment. If the environment is not optimum for growth and propagation then it is hard that your plant will grow well.

Pet-Friendly Plant

Calathea ornata is a pet-friendly plant. Cats love to hide in Calathea ornata. It makes this plant a perfect green piece for those houses where people got cats as pets. Whereas far dogs are concerned, this plant is also non-toxic and good for them.

Calathea Ornata Optimum Conditions for Growth

We have already put a guide for Calathea ornata care and propagation for you, but for basic awareness, we are describing it here as well. Calathea ornata require a high level of humidity and moisture; with indirect sunlight, and as far water content is a concern, just make sure it doesn’t get dry.


Calathea ornata is a good plant as far house beauty and environment are concerned. But you need to take good care of it; otherwise, Calathea ornata leaves problems will be a major issue for you. But if you are aware of its basic needs and taking good care of them, you don’t need to worry. Your role in taking good care of your plant depends on how much you are aware of your plant and its needs.

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