Is Calathea Medallion Safe For Dogs?

Calathea Medallion Dogs

If you’re looking for a plant that is safe for dogs and adds a pop of color to your space, Calathea Medallion is a great option. A lot of people have this question in mind is Calathea Medallion dog favoring plant? Then the answer is Yes! This plant is also known as a prayer plant … Read more

General Overview of Calathea Ornata

General Overview Of Calathea Ornata

Calathea ornata is an intriguing plant, its dance movements, being a pet friendly plant and evolution all are interesting things. If you want to know about evolution then you are at right place.

Calathea Ornata Common Name and Scientific Classification

It is title image of blog Calathea Ornata Common Name and Scientific Classification

In the current age of information, it is becoming a trend that everyone searches, question and find things with their names. People must know what they are dealing with. If you have a plant, a machine or anything else, you at least should have a name. If you are a plant lover or have plants … Read more