How to Bloom Flowers on Calathea Ornata? (Flowering Guide)

Calathea ornata is a perennial plant that belongs to the family Marantaceae. It is mostly kept in houses for its ornamental beauty, but if you are lucky enough you may experience Calathea ornata flower bloom. Calathea ornata flowers are secondary as compared to its leaves beauty.

The Calathea ornata is also known as the pin stripe, is typically green with pink stripes. The pin stripe has a long stem and grows in clusters of three or more. The Calathea ornata is native to South America and can only be found in tropical climates like Florida, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

The Calathea ornata flower can be found in the following colors: green with pink stripes (pin stripe); white, yellow, orange, and red. They are mostly orange in color with oval shaped, if you ever experience their growth inside the house then you are one lucky person.

This plant has dark green leaves with a reddish-brown stripe down the center, as well as a pink, or white flower. The leaves are also striated with brown spots on the underside. It’s often used as an ornamental plant in gardens because of its beautiful appearance and hardiness.

Where are Calathea Ornata Flowers Usually Found?

The Calathea ornata flower can be found in the Amazon rainforest. It is a small, delicate plant with beautiful pin-stripes and pink flowers. The Calathea ornata flower blooms from March to May. Calathea ornata is also well known for its ability to stay green during the winter months, when other plants would die out due to lack of sunlight and water.

It is normal to think that a plant will bloom in its natural environment. To experience such a florescence with Calathea ornata is a blessing.

Calathea Ornata Flower Guide Infographics. In this image the temperature requirement, humidity requirement, water, sunlight and fertilizer requirement is told in a brief manner in form of graphical representation for the user easy understanding.
Calathea Ornata Flower Guide Infographics

How to Grow Flowers on Calathea ornata?

There is no exact method or plant care guide to grow flowers on Calathea ornata. You just need to take good care of your Calathea ornata to grow flowers. You can follow Calathea ornata care guide for it. But if you really want to experience blossom then you need to make sure that you are providing proper fertilizer to your plant.

The best place for this plant is in a position that gets plenty of sunlight. You should also place it away from cold windy area. Don’t place it with other plants, as other plants get too large and may steal the nutrients from them, if you are planting it in a mini garden instead of a pot. The best time to plant Calathea ornata flowers is in the early spring when the conditions are optimum.

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