Is Calathea Ornata Safe For Cats?

It is common for people to have pets and plants at home. Having a cute cat or pet at home changes the environment a lot and makes it better in many ways. It is crucial that you are aware of your plant and pet needs. Most people like to have Calathea ornata at home, and they get worried about whether this plant is safe for their cats. You can relax now because Calathea ornata is safe for cats, and it is a pet-friendly plant.

Many people with Cat as a pet have queries like, Is Calathea ornata poisonous to cats? Is Calathea ornata safe for cats? Is Calathea ornata toxic to cats? Is Calathea Ornata Cat friendly plant? You can take a good deep breath now because it is safe for your cats. You will be glad to know that both Calathea ornata and cats’ environmental needs and conditions overlap.

Calathea Ornata And Cats Safety

A lot of plants like Autumn crocus, Tiger lily and Aglaonema are poisonous to cats. So, it is common for people to have concerns for their cats and pets. The Autumn crocus is a highly toxic plant for your Cat; it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding, vomiting, liver and kidney damage, and respiratory problems. For this, it is crucial that you are aware of your Cat surrounding the plant. In the case of Calathea ornata, you can stay worried free, but plant identification is important for the safety of your Cat.

Calathea ornata a Cat Friendly Plant. It is safe for cats and pets. Instead its is good for your cat because both natural environment for growth and care require same set of parameters. In this picture association of cat and Calathea ornata is shown.
Calathea Ornata a Cat Friendly Plant

Cats are tolerant to the cold environment unless it is below freezing point. But if you look at the temperature requirement for Calathea ornata, it is 19°C to 28°C, which is ideal for a cat. You need to make sure that you got a good blanket for her when your Cat is going to sleep. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) said that all species, including Calathea ornata in Calathea genus, are safe for Cats (Pets).

Calathea Ornata‘s air purifying ability, soft leaves, and foliage are great for cats. Just make sure your cat doesn’t eat its leaves. Leaves are safe for your Cat, but consuming a more than usual amount can cause gastric problems for Cat.

You can relax now and enjoy seeing your Cat playing with your Calathea ornata. Just make sure you take good care of Calathea ornata and your Cat.

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