Calathea Orbifolia Flower Bloom [Flower Guide]


Calathea orbifolia flowers rarely bloom. It is mainly kept for its beautiful large leaves which add a great deal of beauty to our homes. But on some rare occasions, it blossoms with small white flowers. It is not an everyday happening, and it requires an optimum environment with a lot of care.

Calathea orbifolia flower mostly grows at the end of the stem. Its flowers are white in color and star-shaped. They grow in different locations in a scattered manner. But it is not the main reason why people keep these plants. These plants are mainly kept for their large silver shiny leaves. But who will not like white flowers with large shiny leaves? It is like having a cherry on top of your pie.

Does Calathea Orbifolia Flower Bloom?

Calathea orbifolia is quite popular among westerners for being a pet-friendly plant with ornamental beauty. Most people don’t know that Calathea Orbifolia does bloom in the summer and spring seasons when the natural conditions are favorable.

Calathea Orbifolia Bloom RequirementParameters
Bloom Time / Season Summer Season (Remember they don't usually bloom indoor)
Flower White / purple
Scientific Name Goeppertia Orbifolia
Higher Horticultural Classification Family: Marantaceae | Genus: Calathea | Specie: Calathea Orbifolia
Common Name Prayer Plant
Native Region Tropical Areas
Sunlight Requirement Indirect or Filtered Sunlight
Average Height & Length 100cm or 3.2ft High Stem and 30cm or 1ft Wide Leaves
Temperature Requirement 18℃ to 24℃ or 64℉ to 75℉)
Water Requirement Use Pure Water To Keep The Soil Moist
Soil Requirement Use Organic Material & Maintain The pH between 6.5 to 7.0

When Does Calathea Orbifolia Flower Bloom?

Calathea orbifolia flower bloom happens mostly in the summer season in tropical areas when the temperature and humidity are optimum for its growth.

Calathea Orbifolia Flowering [House Vs Jungle]

It is hard for Calathea orbifolia white flowers to bloom inside the house because it is not typically their natural habitat. People keep wondering when their plants will bloom with flowers. If your luck favors you Calathea orbifolia flowers bloom can happen when the conditions for its growth are ideal. Then make sure you take care of them in a sound way.

Calathea orbifolia flowers mostly bloom in the summer and spring seasons when the atmosphere and temperature requirement for Calathea orbifolia are in the optimum range. Because they are tropical plants, it is normal.

In this image Calathea orbifolia plant is shown in red color port for better morphological understanding of user.
Calathea Orbifolia

In the jungle, rainwater and moist soil mostly led to the growth of Calathea orbifolia white flowers. Rainwater is one of the factors which create a lot of difference. In natural environment rainwater led to the growth of flowers. Rainwater is 100% pure and contains organic nitrates and macronutrients for plant growth. Similar conditions are hard to replicate for Calathea orbifolia indoor flower growth.

There are a lot of cases where people have their plant flowers bloom inside the house but it is rare. It is a surprising event for any person who likes plants.

But if you want your Calathea orbifolia to bloom. Then you need to make sure you provide all things it needs in the optimum range. More than that, it will be better if you place it between the same set of plants, which require the same environment to grow. It will create a miniature jungle with a natural environment providing the most chances for your plant to bloom. Still, for an indoor plant, it is a game of luck to some extent.

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