Calathea Medallion Scientific Name & Binomial Nomenclature


Scientific naming, or binomial nomenclature, is the system of giving each type of living organism a unique two-part name. The first part of the name identifies the genus to which the organism belongs, while the second part identifies the particular species within that genus. This system is used for both plants and animals. Calathea Medallion common name is called “prayer plant” by most owners because if its dance movements.

The scientific name for Calathea medallion is Goeppertia Veitchiana. The Marantaceae family includes a number of other plant species, all of which are native to tropical regions of South America. The Calathea species is characterized by its variegated leaves, which are patterned with white, green, and foliated colors.

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Importance Of Scientific Nomenclature

Scientific nomenclature helps scientists to communicate more effectively with one another. By using a standardized system of names, researchers can be sure that they are referring to the same plant or animal when they use the same name. This system also allows for new species to be easily classified and identified.

Why It Is Important To Know the Scientific Name Of Your Plant?

Common names can often be quite misleading, as they can vary from region to region. For example, the plant known as “snake plant” in the United States is actually called “sansevieria” in most other parts of the world. This can make it difficult for people to accurately identify plants when using common names.


If you are wondering why it is important for a plant owner to know the common name and scientific name of its plant, then here is your answer. In the coming information technology age, each and every online query will be answered specifically when you have the right information so naming and specification are going to be extremely important. More than that it will also allow you to take better care of your Calathea Medallion.

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