Best Plant Humidifier For Calathea Orbifolia


All of us like beautiful places and surroundings. For this purpose, we do different things some people like to tour, some people decorate their houses and some just buy plants. But among all things, plants require a lot of care. Plants require a lot of care for this purpose we need to know about the best plant humidifiers, fertilizers and pesticides. If you are a plant lover then you should know these things.

It is not easy to take care of Calathea orbifolia you need to maintain temperature, water, soil and fertilizer for your plant. If you got plants like Calathea orbifolia the factor which matters the most is humidity. If you are not providing it with the required level of humidity (60% or higher) then you are going to face problems.

For owners of Calathea orbifolia it is mostly recommended to have plant humidifiers at their homes if they don’t want yellow leaves on their Calathea orbifolia.

How To Find The Best Plant Humidifier For Calathea Orbifolia?

But the question is How to find the Best Plant Humidifier for Calathea orbifolia? For this purpose, we discuss things with three Calathea orbifolia owners about the plant humidifier usage. Mrs. Malik a plant owner in the Philippines recommended the misting for Calathea orbifolia whereas other two owners in Asia name Jogi Khan and Hamish Ram recommended using LEVOIT 6L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer as a plant humidifier.

Review of LEVOIT 6L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer

It is one of the most powerful Plant humidifiers as far as use for home is concerned. Its humidity control system allows the user to adjust the level of humidity according to his own will. The most important purpose for which people buy it is to control the humidity level. You can adjust the humidity at any level. For Calathea orbifolia required humidity level is 60%, which can be managed by LEVOIT 6L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer.

Size And Volume Coverage

Its size is around 6 liter which is almost equal to 1.6 gallons.

Its large storage is the main reason it can run up to 60 hours at normal capacity and for 10 hours at the maximum output level. It is good enough for a room with the size of 60 sq. meter.

In this image LEVOIT 6L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer plant humidifier is shown with a grey background.
LEVOIT 6L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer

Why It Is Good For You?

For normal Calathea orbifolia owners, they mostly place their plant in a hallway, at such a large place humidity is never up to the mark, so, it is necessary to have a plant humidifier at these sites. Because it optimizes the atmosphere for your plant and also creates a moisturizing environment for owners.

Remote Usage

Nowadays no one like to go around any device and adjust its temperature by sticking to a device. This device also offers a remote usage facility. It means you can adjust your room humidity according to day and night by laying on your bed. It is one of the best features of this device you don’t need to tease yourself around too much.

Aromatherapy device

This plant humidifier also works with essential oils. But what is the advantage of it? The main reason which it is used to keep your Calathea orbifolia healthy. Your plant makes your mood and home pleasant. But with essential oils and aromatherapy, your mood, mind and health can get better. It is like one thing for free with another. Who doesn’t like to have a good mood with a good plant at the house? So, if you want to make someone’s house surrounding good then pairing this plant humidifier with Calathea orbifolia is a good choice.

A necessity In Winter Season

A user name Jack Hosborn from the UK said that in winter when there is no way to manage humidity inside the house and all things are dry and cold, in such a situation this product is a good choice. It keeps your Calathea orbifolia Humid and Aromatherapy keeps your skin moisturized inside the house eliminating winter skin risks So, for winter it is good to the device.

Good For Greenhouses

If you are Calathea greenhouse owners with plants that require a lot of care in terms of managing the environment and humidity then this product is for you. Just adjust the humidity level and it will take care of things.

Only Disadvantage

LEVOIT 6L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer plant humidifier requires a lot of care because you need to clean it from time to time and refill it. It is the only factor that can cause inconvenience for the user.


Plant humidifier is a great thing for the user who needs to manage the surrounding humidity level for Calathea orbifolia. But sometimes it can be hard to manage a plant humidifier. It is better if you get LEVOIT 6L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer because it allows users to manage things in an automated manner. You just need to clean and take care of maintenance from time to time.

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